20160126_172527 In addition to vacuum pumps and special equipment, we also offer vacuum capacitors at. both cars – as new capacitors also are in perfect condition and mounted on request from our team of experts with you.
Upon completion of the installation work including. Test phase, the device is ready to use!

Justify> Many vacuum process, for example, drying and distillation, fall vapors (mainly water vapor) often in quantities of, exceeding the steam capacity of the vacuum pump. In this case, an upstream condenser forms an effective protection for the pump. The released during the process vapor is deposited on the carrying of the cooling medium finned tube. The liquid condensate forming passes from the condensation space via a pipeline into the condensate collecting tank.

A re-evaporation of condensate can through targeted use of pressure gauges, be prevented from solenoid valves and a suitable control.
Through the use of a capacitor to be pumped or. shorten drying times considerably.

The following sizes are available:

100is = VWK 100
300is = VWK 300
600is = VWK 600